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Bench-Top Type Temperature (&Humidity) Chamber-GSH-26V

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Bench-Top Type Temperature (&Humidity) Chamber-GSH-24-5V

Bench-Top Type Temperature (&Humidity) Chamber-GSH-24-5

Bench-Top Type Temperature (&Humidity) Chamber-GSH-26

Bench-Top Type Temperature (&Humidity) Chamber-GSH-66

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GSHU C Stand

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GSH-66V(Option-MStand with water tank)

Bench-Top Type Temperature(&Humidity)Chamber

High performance in a compact design,efficient environment testing achieved by networking.Of a bench-top size that can fit on a personal desk, this small temperature and humidity chamber achieves high performance to fulfill your environmental testing needs.
The lineup including 4 models available in two sizes (22.5L and 64L) with a temperature range of-40°C to +150 ℃ for temperature tests or climate tests allow you to choose the performance best suited for your test applications.
Featuring a touch screen color display for easy operation, the controller carries the same function and design of the GP chambers.



1.Balanced Temperature (&Humidity)Control system(BT(H)C system)and PID control function.

Using the BT(H)C system to control,provides hightly accurate temperature/humidity environment.Consisting of PID controlled refrigerrator,and instrumentation,which delivers hight speed processing.

2.Ten styles and multiple performance specifications.

There are ten models to choose from according to the volume and temperature and humidity range.
can meet the temperature and humidity test requirements of -60/-40~+150℃ / 30%~95%, 22.5L, 64L.
The Heat up & pull down of GSH-24-5V can reach 5.0℃/min (Temp range: -21℃?+131℃).
Compact design. All our models now have a temperature range that extends up to 180 °C, with a humidity range running from 30 to 95% rh, in a small and light structure that can even fit on a desk.

3.Remote monitoring & control (Ethernet connection/RS-485/RS-232C as option)

A unique web application allows the user to monitor the chamber operation from a PC. Without any software, the chamber can be accessed and controlled via web browser on the PC, Smartphone, and Tablet. Wireless connection and multiple units' connection are also possible.

4.USB port for data memory & output

Trend graphs can be displayed on the web application, downloaded, and registered on a USB memory.

* USB memory is not included.

5.Backtrace function

When the chamber stops because of trouble,the operation status just before the chamber stops is automatically recorded and saved.Saved data can be transferred by USB memory.

6.Multilingual display

A simple operation changes display text to English , Japanese,Simplified Chinese (Russian as option) .

7.Register up to 8 test patterns setting with maximum of 99 steps and 3 constant operation modes(Program /Constant /Cycle Operation) .

8.Cable port on right sides (θ50) as standard to allow easy wiring access.

9.Viewing window equipped as standard(Except GSH/U-24V/24-5V model)

Viewing window is equipped as standard and allows to observe and check the status of test specimen during a test.

10.Optimization of the chamber top space

Space has been freed on the top of the chamber for storing cables, manuals and notes, or to keep an instrument device closely connected. Viewing window can be equipped on the top.

11.Optimal space use with stand options

High or low stands that can be combined or stacked to fit your chambers in narrow spaces.


Description Model Temp. Range Hum. Control Hum. range rh Volume Inside dimensions in mm (WxHxD) Outside dimensions in mm (excl. projection)※3 Heat up & pull down
Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber (Vertical) GSH-24V -40℃~+150℃ YES 30%rh~95%rh 22.5L 300 x 300 x 250 440 x 710 x 696[747] ——
Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber (Vertical) GSH-24-5V -40℃~+150℃ YES 30%rh~95%rh 22.5L 300 x 300 x 250 440 x 710 x 786[837] 5 K/min.
Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber (Vertical) GSH-26V -60℃~+150℃ YES 30%rh~95%rh 22.5L 300 x 300 x 250 440 x 710 x 786[837] ——
Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber (Vertical) GSH-64V -40℃~+150℃ YES 30%rh~95%rh 64L 400 x 400 x 400 540 x 750 x 921[983] ——
Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber (Vertical) GSH-66V -60℃~+150℃ YES 30%rh~95%rh 64L 400 x 400 x 400 540 x 750 x 921[983] ——
Bench-Top Type Temperature Chamber (Vertical) GSU-24V -40℃~+150℃ NO —— 22.5L 300 x 300 x 250 440 x 645 x 696[837] ——
Bench-Top Type Temperature Chamber (Vertical) GSU-24-5V -40℃~+150℃ NO —— 22.5L 300 x 300 x 250 440 x 645 x 786[837] 5 k/min.
Bench-Top Type Temperature Chamber (Vertical) GSU-26V -60℃~+150℃ NO —— 22.5L 300 x 300 x 250 440 x 645 x 786[837] ——
Bench-Top Type Temperature Chamber (Vertical) GSU-64V -40℃~+150℃ NO —— 64L 400 x 400 x 400 540 x 685 x 921[983] ——
Bench-Top Type Temperature Chamber (Vertical) GSU-66V -60℃~+150℃ NO —— 64L 400 x 400 x 400 540 x 685 x 921[983] ——

※1 Excluding protrusions.Dimensions in [] included protrusions.

  • Specimen temperaturecontrol(Insulated type)

    Sensors are attached to the specimen to allow exposure tests that provide temperature stress to the specimen.
    *Unable to be fitted together with Recorder output terminal(Temp).

  • Power plug

    Power plug for China.

  • Communication Function

    Communication ports to connect the chamber to a PC.

  • Wet-bulb wick

    Fine wick of the same kind as the accessories。
    FW-5(24 wicks)
    *Humidity type chamber only.

  • Cable port (with rubber plug)

    A through hole provide on the wall of chamber。
    Available dimensions: θ50/θ100 .
    *1.with cap. 2.Could be added into the left side of chamber(standard position only ).

  • Rubber plug for cable port

    Comes with the cable port. Prevents airleakage from the cable port.
    Inside diameter: θ50/θ100.

  • Shelf

    Used for the placement of specimens in the test area.
    Same as standard shelf.

  • Hand-in port(Left side only)

    Equip the chamber with hand -in port to manipulate specimen under test.
    Available dimensions:130mm.

  • 180℃ extended range

    Achieve high temperature tests up to 180℃.
    *Please contact the sales company for detail of performance.

  • Airflow adjuster

    Allows low air velocity in the chamber.Use when test require low airflow velocity or constant velocity.
    Setting value rang:4 levels.

  • Emergency push stopbutton

    Safety device, enables manual emergency stop of the chamber.
    *Purpose:Protecting the specimens and chambers.

  • Continuous water supply

    ·Enables continuous supply of pure water for the humidifier.
    *Humidity type chamber only.

  • Stand

    Lift the device up,make it easier and more convenient to put in and take out specimens from the lower area inside chamber.

  • GB specifications inspection report

    Test according to GB standard and issue test report.
    *Base on the actual machine test results and for customer reference only. The report does not have the qualificationas a third-party testing agency.

  • Standard inspection report

    Test report issue by ESPEC guangdong,
    Same as standard accessories. shipped with chamber.